Customer Comments

“Just wanted to let you know I received my order of candles and am beyond pleased with them. I will be ordering more from you in the future and will pass along recommendations to friends and family.
Also, if you had not included a sample of your soap I very well would have gone the rest of my life using store bought soap as I had always imagined that all soaps were, well just soap. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I will be ordering more of your soap too. What a difference!!!
Thanks for enlightening me to what I have been missing!”
Take care,
Jessica N

“I’ve been lighting my candles approximately an hour before bed…. My room
smells so heavenly & I’m so relaxed that I’ve been having the best sleeps of my
life (candles blown out before sleep).

Couldn’t me more thrilled about the quality of your candles and speedy delivery.
So very glad I placed an order…. I’m telling all my friends about your
-Amber K.

“Thank you for making such a wonderful product. This is my first experience with beeswax candles, and I just put in another order to make sure I don’t run out! I burn the candles while my kids are doing their homework at the dining room table, and I noticed they are calmer and more concentrated on the task at hand. Homework time is no longer a fight. Your candles smell wonderful and have such a soothing glow. I will never bother with paraffin candles again; beelites are far superior!”
-Annette L.

“I’ve been using your candles for over a year now and I appreciate the sweet honey scent and the colour is of the highest quality I have found it reminds me of the sun. I use them in my classes and in my workshop while I do reiki and ear candling.”
-Barbara T.,
Natural Health Practioner
Reiki Teacher Master
St. Catharines ON

“As a long time user of beeswax candles (I have not used paraffin in years, after learning of the negative health impact of burning petroleum by-products) I must say that “Beelites” candles are far superior to any beeswax candles I have ever used. They smell purer, burn cleaner and longer and are less expensive to boot!! I will continue to turn to “Beelites” to meet all my candle needs!!”
– Ariel
Toronto, ON

“After trying your Beelites products on several occasions, I am convinced that these are the best candles available. They are extremely clean burning and vastly improve the air quality. Good luck and good job.”
– T.K.Y.
Priddis, AB

“Thank-you for the fast service on my candle order!
I’ve been buying beeswax candles for years but yours are the best! I love to cook with garlic and spices. Your candles clear the cooking odours quickly so my kitchen always smells fresh.

I look forward to my next box of candles in the mail.”
– Letty
Lethbridge AB

“I received my candles with a little skepticism as there are so many claims out there that just are not valid. I put these candles to the test, I cooked fish for supper and within a couple of hours of burning a beeslite candle I was amazed!! There was absolutely no fish smell. The candle had done what it claims to do, I will be ordering more of them.”
– Mariann Howson
Medicine Hat, AB

“I just wanted to write a short note about the success I have had with your product. My wife has a small beauty salon in our house and whenever she would do a perm the whole house would smell of the perm. I tried your candles not believing it would make a difference and I was shocked at how fast the smell was gone. The best part was that it wasn’t covered with a perfume smell but that it was just clean smelling air. I was so impressed that I next tried lighting the candle in our bedroom a half hour before I went to bed and the difference in my sleep was incredible.

Being a new found believer in beeswax candles I brought two of them to a party my brother was having in his 24 x 28 garage. Out of the 25 people or so at the party only 6 did not smoke. We lit the candles and to our surprise the smoke smell wasn’t nearly as bad as usual at his parties. The next day I contacted all the non-smokers and everyone of them thought the candles made a huge difference on how they felt at the party and the day after. Thank you beelites for your excellent product.”
– Kelvin Blatz
Dunmore AB

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am to be able to recommend Beelites natural beeswax candles to my students. It is wonderful to have an all natural product that is so enjoyable and good for you at the same time!”
– Peggy T., Yoga Instructor,
Alliston, ON

“I never realized until I bought these candles how nice they would be. They’re fresh and burn for a long time with such a pretty glow. If I’d been aware of beeswax candles sooner I would have never spent my money on poorer quality ones. We love them!”
– Beverly Miller
St.Lazare, PQ

“I find that the info sheets that are provided with the candles are accurate and I have tested the burn times myself and they are also accurate. The beeswax candles eliminate less desirable odours such as when I cook fish, when my son burns incense and we have a large dog. The beeswax candles keeps our home smelling clean! We also own an artisan gift shop and we love selling them and our customers love buying them.”
– Pam Henry of the Prairie Dog Dig
Calgary, AB

“At last, a wonderfully natural way to neutralize unpleasant odors with an ever so gentle honey fragrance. Excellent service and a really great product (nearly too nice to burn!). I would not hesitate to highly recommend your candles to anybody, Thanks Bee Lites!”
– Dave Harding
Cornwall, ON

“Sincerely, a new small business owner couldn’t hope to find a more thoughtful and reliable supplier to work with. Thanks for all your hard work in making and shipping these great products!

-Best, Lisa Edmonton AB